Twitter Users Are on a Mission to Identify the Worst Name of All Time

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” If you’re not familiar with Shakespeare, this quote from Romeo and Juliet is meant to assert that names (like Montague or Capulet) are actually irrelevant and that it’s the nature of a person (or object) that truly matters. The thing is, we’re not certain that’s actually true – and the people of Twitter are on a mission to back that view up. 

Earlier this week, Twitter user @LolOverruled tweeted the following: 

“Ok what was the first name of the worst person you’ve ever met in your life let’s find out the worst name of all time” 

As missions go, we thought this would be a tough one, but it seems that some names are way more hated than others. While @LolOverruled has yet to declare a winner of this miserable prize, they did point out that J names are rising to the top, and we’ve noticed a whole lot of people saying that a “Josh” is the worst person they know. The names Tyler, Andrew and Denise don’t seem far behind. While we may not have had many run-ins with terrible Joshes (there are too many of them here in New York City), we can attest that Tylers are largely terrible. What’s your vote for worst name of all time? We’d have to go with KEITH.