Twitter Users Roast Business Names That Fail At Being Punny

As a business owner, coming up with a solid name for your establishment is pretty damn important. You don’t want to be serving burgers at a restaurant called “MacDonalds,” and you probably want to avoid something as basic as “Burger.” You can choose to reference whatever it is you’re selling, or go by the name of a family member. Some hip spots will take the name of the business that failed at the same location (probably due to gentrification) or some twee combination of animal and tool, like “Stag and Spade.” 

While many owners opt to go one of the above safe routes, there are chaotic people out there who feel the need to be funny or precious with their restaurant name. They want to assault the world with a pun, or some sort of cutesy pop culture reference. Unfortunately for our brains, many of these people fail at their tasks and leave us wondering WTF they were thinking as we pass by their confusing signage. 

Twitter user @bobby took to the bird app to share a confusing “pun” from a restaurant. While it wasn’t a name, other users just had to chime in with their most nonsensical examples of pun fails. While we kind of feel for well-meaning business owners, we can’t help but laugh at the way they miss the mark.