Twitter Users Share Funny, Clever Ways to Differentiate Sci-Fi and Fantasy

As a lover of science fiction and fantasy, I am always hesitant – or unwilling – to choose a favorite of the genres. Both have many merits, and, like, why should I have to choose between them? I feel just as excited by clanging sword fights, magic spells, and pastoral views as I am about dystopian cyberpunk futures with blue lights and noir themes. And thanks to kindles, video games, and all the streaming services, I can enjoy both at any given moment from the comfort of my couch. 

Though I may reject playing favorites, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying other peoples’ debates about the genres on the internet. It’s true that some of them get heated, but the nerds of Twitter usually have something funny to say about their interests. That’s been particularly true over the last week, as Twitter users put their impressive wit into differentiating fantasy and science fiction. The tweets are both funny and incredibly astute, and while some people may feel it’s a simplification of the genres, we feel obligated to remind everyone that it’s okay to have fun every once in a while. And these Twitter users definitely understood that assignment.