Twitter Users Share The Strangest and Most Unique Names They’ve Ever Seen

Our names can be one of the most important things about us. Just as much as our appearance and behavior, they can dictate our first impressions and how others see us in general. A lot of us out there had parents who made some pretty uninspired naming choices, but often this is a blessing. All it takes is a little too much creativity or some phrasing gone wrong to create a moniker that will create a lifetime of playground teasing.

This isn’t to say that it’s a bad thing to have an unusual name. There’s no denying that this will always make a person memorable, with not much effort on their part. This has been shown in a recent Twitter thread, in which people have shared the most interesting names they have come across in people they have met. While a few of these are unfortunate, there’s no denying that all of them are character building. Plus, they are clearly hard to forget.