Underpaid Worker Gets Berated by Boss for Salvaging Perfectly Good Food From Dumpster

When I was a teenager, a certain upscale grocery store chain in my hometown got exposed for dumping bleach into their dumpsters (usually full of perfectly good food) to prevent people from dumpster diving. When I found out about this, I was dumbfounded. Did they really think the sort of people who could afford to shop at their bougie grocery stores would immediately stop shopping and start rummaging through their dumpsters the moment they found out they throw away perfectly good food? No, obviously the people salvaging wasted food were usually ones who couldn’t afford to shop there in the first place. But for the sort of business owner whose brain is poisoned by profits, the precedent is all that matters. Case in point—this unbelievably heartless text that u/heartsofdownfall recently received from their manager after salvaging some food from the business’ dumpster. In the text, OP mentions struggling to afford food, which their boss chooses to ignore and instead berate them in a threatening tone. “If a customer saw you picking through garbage for food, could you imagine what they would think?” OP’s boss says in the text exchange. Yeah, they’d probably think, “this person’s boss doesn’t pay them enough to afford food.”