Unforgettable Memes That Might Stay With You Forever

Most memes are not that memorable. They slip in and out of your mind as quickly as what you ate for lunch yesterday. They’re unsustainable, and that’s the way they were built. We are not supposed to sit around looking at one meme all day, expecting to be satisfied with just that. Absolutely not! We can only sustain ourselves with a regular flow of memes in our minds, with only a few really sticking with us. 

One of the few I still remember the meme from 10 years ago was The Marvelous Breadfish. It came from Tumblr and featured an animation of a school of half-bread half-fishes. They had a little jingle accompanying their swim that went like this; “Tell me have you seen the Marvellous Breadfish Swimming in the ocean waters? Have you seen the Marvellous Breadfish? He’s like an inverse sandwich for fishermen and sharks.” If any of these memes are even half as memorable as The Marvelous Breadfish, then I’ve done my job well.