Unfortunate Baby Name Memes That Almost Make Adam Levine Naming His Unborn Child After His Mistress Seem Normal

Naming a child sounds like a lot of fun, and clearly, people don’t seem to always overthink it. And we would never try to promote overthinking, or any form of rumination, but perhaps it’s good to overthink, at least a little, what this unborn human is going to be referred to as for the entirety of their life. Just some food for thought. Of course most names a nick-nameable, and even if your first name is ridiculous, or overly unique there is potentially a light at the end of the tunnel. You can vibe with your special name, or just ask people to disregard it and call you something completely different. Then, when it’s finally your turn to pass the deed forward to your own child, you can be a little more thoughtful.


Anyway, Adam Levine apparently wanted to name his unborn child after his Mistress Sumner Stroh. Yeah, we know, it’s bizarre. So why not share some other bizarre baby names? Let’s get into it.