Unhinged Airbnb Host Threatens Tenant for Leaving 4/5 Star Rating

Being an Airbnb hater is a big part of who I am and what I do. I distinctly recall being on a family vacation, waiting outside in freezing weather for over an hour for the owner of the apartment to give my family the key. The owner drove a moped and I could tell that he did not feel sorry, not one bit. The best Airbnb experience I had was at a place virtually identical to a hotel, and honestly, that doesn’t even count. 

Despite my bitterness, Airbnb’s used to be novel and fun as a concept for most people. However, the tides have started to turn against the vacation rental service. This is in part due to Airbnb hosts having unreasonable policies for their tenants. However, some hosts take their pettiness way too far and threaten legal action for the most banal transgressions.