Unstable Memes for Anyone Just Trying to Do Their Best at Existing, And Not Overthinking Every Little Thing

We think that everyone deserves a little more credit for barely holding it all together. It is hard adulting out here in the year 2022. The past few years have been bizarre on a different level, and now we’re suddenly supposed to rapidly pick everything up and pretend like we are entering the same world as our parents. That’s simply not the case, 


Our day to days can get extremely complicated, and the fact that we even have the energy to brush our teeth every so often is pretty incredible. Maybe we’re cutting everyone a little too much slack here, but that’s just how we feel on a deeper level.


So if you managed to get up, get dressed, floss, or shower recently, then we want you to know that we are proud of you and you deserve the world. Why are we sounding so cheesy? We honestly have no idea.