Update: Pink Sauce is Back, And it’s Walmart Incarnation is Less Pink Than You’d Expect

One of the biggest Twitter memes of last summer is back, and it’s for reasons you might not expect! In July 2022, a new product called Pink Sauce went viral on TikTok and Twitter for all the wrong reasons. This product was advertised for its Pepto Bismol color and indescribable taste, but the scandals kept piling up. The creator, Chef Pii, admitted on a live stream that the product was not FDA-approved. In fact, she didn’t even know what the FDA was. The nutritional information on the bottles of Pink Sauce was also wonky, displaying obviously incorrect information. To top it all off, none of the bottles of Pink Sauce were the same shade of pink, which stirred up even more criticism. 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the creator of Pink Sauce, but she’s back and thriving. Against all odds, Pink Sauce is now available in Walmart stores nationwide! Unfortunately, there is one glaring issue: the Pink Sauce is still a different shade of pink in every bottle.