Your child can begin reading as soon as TODAY! Get access to online books for your child’s tablets and or computer. ABC Assessments, Growth Charts, Sight Words, and more! In this course you will learn how to prepare your 3-5 year old for kindergarten. Early literacy skills are VITAL for a child’s success in school. Parents are left in the dark. I am sharing the skills that your child needs in order to be AT or ABOVE grade level in READING. You will learn tricks from an award-winning Reading Specialist. Watch me demonstrate my strategies with my 3 year old son Justin! 1. Remember their letters and sounds 2. Stay focused and engaged 3. Learn reading skills from a 3 year old4. Build their speech and vocabulary.5. Begin reading BOOKS on their own6. Have access to educational videos and resources7. Access to Unlimited Online Books8. Learn with or without Tablets You will learn best practices for early learners. Help your child retain information by keeping them busy with fun reading activities. Learn how to keep them focused and teach effective instruction. that’s proven to work! Urby Education, was created by me Candice Williams. Education and entertainment is what children need these days. Build your child’s confidence NOW. Parents YOU are child’s 1st teacher. I will teach you how to teach and what to use. I taught my 2 boys how to read, and YOU can too. I teach parents how to be their child’s first and favorite teacher! Come and learn with us!