Veganuary Memes That Are Saving the Animals, One Vegan at a Time

In a world where animal products reign supreme, it’s easy to diss the vegans. There’s no denying they are a dietary group which attracts its fair share of smug jerks and whackjobs, like Moby, or That Vegan Teacher

However, that doesn’t mean that all people who make this dietary choice deserve ridicule. There are plenty of great ethical and environmental reasons to go vegan, and not everyone who supports them needs to constantly remind us all of this. 

The fact is, most of the population would benefit from eating a few more plant based meals now and then. This is part of the reason that Veganuary has risen in popularity over recent years. For those who have spent the past couple of months inhaling animal parts, it’s probably good for the cholesterol. Plus, there are plenty of funny memes about it. Just don’t be swayed by the claims of those freaky uber-carnivores in a moment of weakness.