Venture Capitalist Roasted For Whining Over Cost of 4-Block Uber to Olive Garden

Once upon a time, before Uber, before cell phones, and before the Internet, people used to walk places. At least that’s what we hear. As a city-dweller who doesn’t own (and can’t drive) a car, and someone who is perpetually late, I’ve taken my fair share of stressed-out Ubers. But I draw the line at any trip that I could walk, train, or bus in less than 20 minutes. The thing is, there are plenty of people in this city with lots more money than me, and they seem to have forgotten how to walk or step onto a train. To these people, Uber is public transportation. 

I’ve long wondered what’s wrong with able-bodied people who would rather take a taxi than get a little fresh air and get their blood flowing. Maybe they have desk treadmills. Or maybe they’re just too lazy and have too much money to do anything themselves. It’s probably the latter. One such individual took to Twitter this week to share his outrage at the price of an NYC Uber. While Ubers here can be prohibitively expensive, this particular ride was four blocks. To make matters worse? It was in Times Square, and the destination was Olive Garden. There are plenty of reasons to be disturbed by the tweet, but it gets even better when you realize it’s literally coming from a venture capitalist. 

Fortunately, the poster did not come out of the situation unscathed. In fact, he was roasted for his laziness, his choice of restaurant, and the audacity of actually posting the nonsense. While some people seem to think it was a troll (OP seems to be taking the roasts in stride), we’re of the mind that even trollish behavior like this shouldn’t go unpunished – or unlaughed at.