Updated on November 20, 2020New bonus content includedWelcome to my course Video Game Music: The Complete Composer’s Guide (2020). Back in 2017, this was my second course published on Udemy and it quickly became a hit with my students. Don’t take my word for it read the reviews for yourself.===========================Stevenunpacks everything oneneeds to know about how to create music for video games from the composition side. to doing business with an independent game developer. This course is up-to-date, can be applied to several DAW’s (even Linux music applications), and could possibly land the average student a job as a full-time composer if they put in extra work in their spare time.I also advise checking out Steven’sYouTube channel as well for extra tips to making great music. This course and everything he understands as a money-making-musician is highly recommended! Aaron P.I really like the way this course is built andallofthe information that I am learning. itcontains all of theknowledge you need to knowif you want to work in the industry! Vincent G.I love how thiscourse is designed as if it is a video gamewith levels and bosses to defeat, which makes it really fun to learn and progress. I enjoyed Steven’s in-depth information about how to recreate different retro consoles (both 8-bit and 16-bit) as precise as possible, lessons about how to sample instruments, and hisoverview of the three biggest middleware software and how to use them with Unity. Allof theextra content (Q & As, tutorials, business, etc.)are a great additionto this course. Lisa H.===========================In this updated 2020 version, Ive removed content that is no longer relevant and have added hours of bonus content to tackle more intermediate & advanced topics including: How to compose in famous game composer styles, such as Nobuo Uematsus Final Fantasy series and Koji Kondos Legend of Zelda seriesHow to earn your first dollars & grow a music business as a game composerThe bulk of the core content that originally made this course so successful is still here and will teach you all the fundamentals you need to write music for video games. The main focus of this course is: How to write for every console generation, from retro 8-bit games to modern consolesHow to compose in all game genres (Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, etc.)How to compose interactive music in middleware (FMOD Studio, Elias Studio, WWise)How to program music in the Unity Game Engine, which is one of the most important skills for game composersThe only prerequisite for this course is that you have access to a Mac or PC. We will be using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to write music on a computer, but dont worry if you dont have any music software yet. There are multiple free options available and well cover those as needed throughout the course.I look forward to connecting with you inside. Talk to you soon. Your Coach, Steven Melin