Video Store Worker Exploits Genius Sales Loophole, For Charity

This story takes you way back to the days of the video rental store. Filled to the ceiling with hundreds of VCR tapes, those places always had the musky scent of frequently-handled greasy plastic cases, dust, and old cigarette smoke, embedded in the bright-patterned carpet since the 80s. 

Before mail-in subscription services like Netflix killed them off, they were a haven. What kid didn’t love a trip to the video store? It was such a buzz to run around looking at the endless number of fascinating cases of movies you would never watch. When the 2000s rolled around, we used to look at the cases for console video games too. Even though we didn’t own any of the consoles, it was just a way to know what was out there and going on.

This thread was posted to the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit and was shared by Redditor u/Lifeaccordingtome83 who recounted this tale of their malicious compliance from times past. 

Scroll on for some screenshots of their story and Redditor’s reactions below.