Watch a Drone Save a 14-Year-old From Drowning in Powerful Spanish Current

​General Drones

A pioneering drone lifeguard service rolled out across Spanish beaches has saved the life of a 14-year-old boy as he struggled against a powerful current.

General Drones supplies 30 surf rescue drones with operators to lifeguard stations across 22 beaches along Spain’s coast.

The company released a compelling video of the recent rescue in Valencia.

It shows the drone dropping a life vest to the exhausted teen, providing valuable assistance until the jet-ski could arrive with a lifeguard.

They told Reuters, “Because of the heavy waves it was a complicated maneuver, but we finally managed to give him the vest and he could float until the lifeguards reached him.”

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Watch the real-time video below… (Note: GNN has no affiliation with any ads displayed)

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