By attending this intense Personal Finance course you will have:A deeper understanding of the personal finance and financial statementsA deeper understanding of your personal cash flows and how to manage them properlyA deeper understanding of the financial products and how to use them more efficientlyThe knowledge to manage your personal finances in one of the most effective ways I have developed, the shared by this course financial behavior, over the last decade. For me it`s timely proven. I have also shared my understanding on the personal finance topic with my friends and they are really happy applying it. It may take some time and efforts, but I`m pretty sure with the result.I`m well educated and experienced person in the field of Finance. As a professional I have a deeper interest in the field of Personal Finance. It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and if possible to help people achieve a better financial understanding. By this course I would like to share with you my philosophy on the personal finance topic. Disclaimer: I`m not acting as a financial advisor. Everything shared in this course is representing my opinion. If you choose to take any action based on the course, you should do it on your own responsibility.