Weekly Cat Memes Full of Feline Funny (March 8, 2023)

At one point, it’s probably fair to say that cat memes ruled the internet. It was hard to scroll pretty much anywhere meme-related without bumping into a few cute, furry faces. Things may be a bit different in this sprawling, modern memescape we find ourselves in today, but funny images that involve our feline friends are still held in high esteem by those of us with taste. 

If you’re here, it’s not like I really have to explain why; all cats are innately hilarious little guys, so of course that translates over to the screwball humor that we find in memes. Still, sometimes it’s a good idea to remind ourselves just how important memes about kitties are to the internet ecosystem. We’re doing our bit by providing this humble list. It’s only a snippet of what’s out there, but it’s enough to show even a skeptic that cats deserve their medal for services to humor.