Weird Dude Gets Roasted for Nonsensical Post About Gendered Careers

If there’s one thing that unites most overly online misogynists, it’s that many of the things they say don’t make a lot of sense. A favorite pastime seems to be making claims that are both opaque and obviously disprovable, much to the entertainment of pretty much anybody who doesn’t feel the need to think like that.

There are a worrying amount of examples of this out there, especially in the cesspit of opinions that is Twitter. Incels and their sympathizers have produced some pretty crackpot posts on there over the years, but not all were as confusing as one posted recently. Seeming to suggest that women with lower IQs were capable of getting higher paid jobs than more intelligent men, people were quick to call out the bizarre logic. Even if the gender pay gap isn’t something this guy believes in, it’s hard to tell where he has found the evidence for this comparison. Guess incellism is a full time job now.