Weird & Wild Pics That Might Inspire Some Head Scratching

It’s easy to feel a bit jaded by this world. Especially considering that with the advent of the Internet came the eventual ability to be able to answer any question we’re stumped by, see anything we’re curious about, and write down any/every stupid thought we have. Being able to know anything – and almost anything – kind of takes a lot of mystery and magic away from day-to-day life. Instead of sitting on this Amtrak train, admiring the lush environs of the Hudson Valley, I’m getting work done. Why? Because there’s WiFi on this train and I’m a burnt out millennial. But mostly the former – even the mere possibility of connecting makes my brain sink into the familiar state of resigned productivity. If the cell service was a shit as it used to be, I’d probably give up and see a deer or a hawk or two. But instead. Here we are. Trudging along. Grinding the way we always do, with tired brains and heavy hearts. 

Because we so often forget to enjoy a little wonder, weirdness, and of course, humor – we’ve put together this album of images that might influence a double take, a curious eyebrow raise, or even a resounding “WTF.” While the pics won’t be imbuing life with meaning, they will definitely sprinkle a little magic over an otherwise normie, uninspiring day.