‘Why is X the Cheapest Option’ Memes for Those Perpetually Baffled About Uber Prices

Budgeting isn’t easy these days. With the rising cost of just about everything, there has never been a greater temptation to blow all our money on something frivolous, and regret it later. A great example is getting a taxi for a distance that could easily be walked, or done through some other, cheaper form of transport. The morning after the night before, there is no worse feeling than the realization you’ve spent $50+ on multiple ten minute rides. 

Still, that doesn’t mean that things like Uber should be completely shunned. They’re plenty useful, too, even if the surge prices can be insane — as recently pointed out by a viral screenshot suggesting an Uber helicopter was less expensive than one of its basic cars. The crazy claim has now spawned a meme of its own, with Twitter users going wild over other potential cheapest options. The streets would look very different if some of these were an option.