Witch Memes For Tarot Card Readers

Everyone needs to experiment with spirituality at some point, and what better way to do so than through fun, witchy stuff? When I was around fifteen, my whole friend group got into witchcraft, and it was an insane sight to behold. I will never forget the night that, after burying something in the woods for a spell, my best friend started acting very strangely and claimed she was “possessed by the moon.”  At this point, I began to doubt the validity of this whole witchcraft thing. 

The fun of being a witchy teen was finally ruined when we tried to look into our past lives. All my friends could see past locations and people when they’d lay down, close their eyes, and get led through the ritual. When it was my turn, I couldn’t see anything, and the High Priestess of our coven told me it was because I didn’t believe in it enough. Even though my fellow witches bullied me for not believing in magic, I still respect the witchy girl community. Whether you like crystals, tarot cards, spells, potions, or incantations, you’ll love the following witchy memes