Witchy Memes For Folks Who Walk On the Spooky Side of the Street

There was, and perhaps still is (to a certain degree), a time where the idea of a “witchy woman” was super popular. The Stevie Nicks aesthetic was rampant – long dresses, weird hats, and allusions to spells and magic herbs were ubiquitous at the cafes and bars of New York. Suddenly, all my friends were taking part in full moon rituals, and drinking teas made from said magical herbs that I’d never heard of. While I couldn’t quite commit to the schtick, I did find that the tea my friend gave me to cure heartbreak worked (roses are a natural antidepressant because they contain myrcene). I was also tempted to curse my ex-boyfriend. Maybe the tea removed that antagonistic urge. Either way, the whole “witchy woman” thing might have become less popular IRL but we still see tons of witchy content on the internet. To celebrate the people who enjoy the memes – and create them – we’ve put together this witchy dump with extra spookiness sprinkled on top. We’re tired of waiting for Halloween to enjoy this kind of humor.