Woman Gives Outrageous List of Red Flags She Saw in Her Exes

Anyone who’s ever dated has sometimes had some shaky judgment when it comes to picking their partners. Having all those feel good chemicals flying around your body can numb you to the fact that you pay every single time you go out together, or that you caught them sneaking through your phone

When the love goggles inevitably fall off, it’s common for people to wonder what the heck they ever saw in that weirdo who had been their whole world only a few short months ago. However, not everybody is as good at dating freaks as @nikkib.ig, who took to TikTok recently to reveal all the very worst red flags that she had seen in ex boyfriends. Ranging from interesting interior design choices to questionable sibling relationships, most viewers found her track record one that was pretty hard to beat. It’s always nice to remember that no matter how gross your ex was, they probably didn’t do half of these things.