Woman Goes Viral for Having the Strangest Most Random and Chaotic ‘For You’ Page on TikTok Which She Now Shares with Her Followers

The internet has always be a strange and wonderful place, but with the evolution of social media and places like TikTok, it has transcended any sort of expectations. You think you know what weird is but then BAM TikTok sends you down a rabbit hole you never even fathomed existed. This rabbit hole cane be anything from how to help an egg bound chicken to watching some ASMR on a guy dressed as batman karate chopping a coconut… And anything in-between! The saying used to be “the freaks come out at night,” but it’s 2023 and it truly is “the freaks come out on the Internet” now (especially on TikTok.)

One woman has gone viral for sharing her “For You” page. If you don’t know what that is, it is referred to as the FYP and it is basically an endless scroll of videos on TikTok that the algorithm picks out for you that it thinks you would like. So if you watch a lot of cooking videos, for example, then your FYP will most likely be filled with lots of cooking and food videos. This woman’s FYP, however, has no rhyme or reason. What is going on there, nobody knows. And yet, we are all OBSESSED with it. What kind of beautiful chaos is this and how did she end up there? We all want to know! In the meantime, we get a peak into her strange FYP when she shares some of her favorites and strangest. Check it out below!