Woman Prompts Debate for ‘Performance Improvement Plan’ That Treats Her Boyfriend Like an Employee

It’s kind of wild that most people desire a monogamous romantic relationship, because so many of us are completely unqualified to be in them. It’s never easier to be terrible to someone than when you claim to be in love.

Nonetheless, billions of us boldly try our hand at it, in the hopes of everlasting happiness (or at least somebody to keep us warm at night). It goes without saying that it’s worth it if it works, but to get to that point requires effort from everyone involved. 

The ways in which couples do this varies a lot. Not everyone puts in the methodical level of commitment that TikToker @nadeenhui chose when she started living with her boyfriend. After they kept on clashing, she decided to put him on probation to encourage better behavior. This involved a detailed plan of goals he had to meet, and a weekly check up about them.

Viewers were divided over her businesslike treatment of her relationship. While Nadeen claimed that this method had worked, we know that bad things can happen when you treat personal connections like you’re an HR department. Maybe there are certain individuals who respond to it well. It is still icky to act like your partner works for you, though.