Woman Shocked to Find Great Blue Heron Has Made Itself At Home in Her Living Room

Picture this: You’re having a relaxing day in your sun-filled home. As you putter around, you think about how blessed you are to be alive, and to even have a roof over your head. As you walk through your art-covered abode and finally enter your living room, there it is – a Great Blue Heron standing on your perfectly manicured couch. While some may be horrified at the discovery, others (such as my bird nerd self) might be delighted.

Judging by the footage she shared two days ago, TikToker @AC_In_Asana is in the former camp. And not necessarily because the bird decided to regurgitate a fish in her living room. In the comments, the homeowner reveals that the bird gave its hosts the bonus gift of defecating on their countertops. We can’t comment on the bird’s intentions, but we do support a generous houseguest.