Woman Spotted Running On All Fours On Miami Beach, Twitter is Impressed And Horrified

Unfortunately, most horse girls do not grow up to be horse women. You have your occasional equestrian superstars and farmer ladies, but most people tend to leave their childhood horse obsessions behind them. There is a rare kind of horse woman that rarely shows her face: women who still play “horsie” in the same manner they played it on the elementary school playground. 

There are many different ways to play “horsie.” There is only one way to play horse, but that game is about basketball, and that’s not the subject at hand. When playing horsie, you can gallop on two feet or all fours. Personally, I was never committed enough to grovel around on my hands and knees, but I admired the girlies who did. Very rarely could someone convincingly imitate the movements of a quadrupedal animal, but once-in-a-lifetime talents sometimes prevail. This week, a video of a woman galloping on all fours went viral on Twitter. Twitter users were both disgusted and intrigued by her animalistic movements that truly must be seen to be believed.