Woman Stuns With Confession That Ex Kept a Spreadsheet of Money She Owed Him

Relationships are all about compromise. Likelihood is, even your soulmate has a couple of habits that you just can’t stand. The key is that the good things far outweigh the bad, and that you don’t have to spend your time counting them up. Sadly, this isn’t advice that everyone takes, sometimes quite literally. 

This is what @maddyblythe found out the hard way when an ex boyfriend presented her with a glaring red flag in spreadsheet form. After the couple went on a trip to visit his family, he sent her across a list of expenses that he expected her to pay. Among them was a $3.23 charge for the breakfast she had eaten at his mom’s house, consisting of a banana and a single slice of toast. It left viewers wondering why she stayed with him afterwards, although when you’re experiencing things, it’s not always that simple. That much food definitely doesn’t cost that much money, though.