Woman Summarizes Modern Dating on Podcast, Starts Debate for Saying ‘Like’ 37 Times While Doing So

If there is one thing that the internet will never get tired of debating, it’s dating. How we get into relationships, how we get laid, what everyone’s personal philosophy is on finding love — it’s all called into question. Memes are made and wars are fought on a daily basis, just because none of us can figure out the puzzle of having feelings for people. 

The content creators of the world know this (ahem), and that’s why many can’t take a casual scroll on our social media feed of choice without being confronted with an eye-roll worthy clip of someone musing over the mysteries of love.

Such is the premise of Dating Talk, the podcast hosted on YouTube channel ‘whatever’. One of its guests has been cursed with five minutes of viral fame this week, following her attempt at explaining her frustration with the noncommittal talking stage.

Many who viewed the clip claimed to be distracted by her affinity for the word ‘like’, which she managed to fit in an impressive number of times. However, others insisted that she made perfect sense, even if she wasn’t the most concise. Honestly, most of us would probably struggle to articulate ourselves well in that kind of setting. How much more is there to say on the topic of being ghosted, anyway?