Women Find Old, Wrapped Christmas Presents Hidden In Late Grandfather’s Attic

Losing a loved one is never an easy ride. While we may always have the memories of those who have died, it can be painful to be reminded that we won’t be able to make any more. At least, that’s usually what happens —  unless you’re @hollybrooke92.

In a festive surprise, Holly’s cousin unearthed a box of wrapped Christmas presents in the attic of their grandfather, who passed away recently. Judging by the wrapping, these were also gifts from some years ago.

@hollybrooke92 This is wild! Mine say from Nana who passed in 2015. The rugrats wrapping paper makes me think these are way before then even. #grandparents #crazy ♬ Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town – Mariah Carey

In a pair of TikToks, she revealed her delight at the unexpected discovery. Commenters shared in her happiness, with many noting the wrapping paper was a blast from the past. As far as real life Hallmark movie surprises go, this is a pretty heart warming one.