Women List Things That Cross a Relationship Boundary Without Cheating

While there are plenty of other parts that are extremely important, respect is the foundation of all healthy relationships. If somebody doesn’t know how to communicate their needs and respect yours when you get together, it’s likely that the partnership will be a recipe for disaster. 

Of course, being this way in a relationship is often easier said than done, even if both parties go into it with the best of intentions. When they don’t, on the other hand, it’s time to watch out.

This means that we’ve all got to be especially aware of all the red flags, and learn from experience when we get it. This has been underlined by a recent thread in r/AskWomen, in which women detailed all the non-cheating misdemeanors that were wrong to do when you’re with someone. It costs $0 and a dose of common sense to be a decent person, y’know.