Worker Gets Into Car Accident in Snow Storm and Boss Asks Why They Failed to ‘Report to Work’

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but your boss is not your friend. When your boss inquires about your health or wellbeing, it isn’t because they care about you as a person. They only care about you as an asset of the company—a tool whose labor generates value for the ones at the top. Case in point, when u/SadLilBb13 texted their boss to let them know that they’d been stranded in blizzard after getting into a car accident, their boss initially asked if they were okay. If it had ended there, I’d be inclined to think, hmm, maybe this person’s boss is a halfway decent human. But unfortunately, it did not. After getting the confirmation that OP wasn’t literally dying, the boss then used this fact against the employee and asked why they failed to report to work before their shift. The implication being that a person’s first priority in a traumatic emergency situation should be to call their boss? Unbelievable.