Worker Ignites Debate After Admitting To Time Theft On the Job

In many ways, it’s understandable why some workers might try to exploit the loopholes of their employment. When you have to put up with crappy working conditions or tyrannical bosses, it makes it much easier to justify taking a little extra of the company’s dime. While it might be a tempting prospect, it’s not always the best idea when you want to stay employed. 

One person to recently find this out was u/Season6finalesucked, who confessed to lying about not taking a lunch break in r/UnethicalProLifeTips. They claimed that although they were meant to clock out for their break, they duped the machine by claiming they hadn’t taken one in the first place. Asking Redditors the likelihood of being disciplined for such a feat, they were met with apprehension by many who shared horror stories about employees getting axed for minor timekeeping trickery. 

Although the conclusion was soon reached that they would give up their stealthily acquired overtime, some were still in support of what they were doing. Others pointed out that if fellow workers were doing something similar, they may be safer from discipline, or that it was possible to play dumb if they got caught. Nonetheless, messing with the clock can be a risky business, in which not everyone is so lucky.