As a fantasy writer, you want to take your readers toexotic places like theyve never seen before, a world of wonder that they want to get lost in. Here at the World Building Workshop for Fantasy Writing, thats my aim. By the end of this course, you will have created a believable and compelling world that your readers will want to get lost in again and again. “The World Building Workshop for Fantasy Writing” is taught by me, Jason Link, the author of theLegenderseries, an epic adventure that Publishers Weekly calls agrand fairytale. For the last20 yearsI havebeen practicing the art of world building in fantasy literature, and in this course, I sharewith you the insights I’ve gained on that journey. Years and years of research compiledin one place. The massive task of world building has been broken down into manageable chunks and follows a logical flow. In this course, you will. map out your world – natural features (mountains, rivers, forests, etc.) and people made features (countries, cities, and roads)plan out your world’s timeline to get the big picture of your world’s storycreate fantasticcreatures that survive in your world’s habitatsdevelop peoples and races andestablish theirsocieties and culturesform a healthy relationship between your world and your storylearn crucial concepts used all throughout the world building processlearn how toestablish rules for your world so your world is more believablelearn how tocreate a world of depth so your world is more compellinglearn how to create meaningful names for the various people, places, and things in your worldBy the end of this course, you will have a believable and compelling world that will enchant your readers. Praise for Jason’s course”World Building for Beginners”:”This was a great course! I wrote so many notes down. Each video in each section had so many helpful tips, examples and resources. Well made! This was very motivating. You are very supportive! Thank you!”This course has gone over in a brief time what Ispent the last year learning. Great stuff!”A good introduction to understanding, developing, and leveraging the relationship of your invented world to the story you write. There are interesting and insightful references in the course that help you develop your new world and story.”Praise for the world building done by Jason Link:”I am not one to lightly compare a fantasy author to Tolkien, for so few have succeeded in creating such vast worlds and peoples as Tolkien did, and even fewer have produced Tolkien’s world-spanning mythology. Jason Link has created a vast and beautiful world, peopling it with fantastic creatures and races, while deeply respecting the spiritual underpinnings of the world he has created.”Perhaps the best part of reading was that feeling you get when you are immersed into a different world, which is exactly what Link has built. There are cultures, geographies, languages, and creatures that come together to make a fun yet deeply sophisticated world. In this way, The Legender reminded me of the greats like Tolkien.”The author did a wonderful job of painting a captivating picture of the world of The Legender for us. Although it is a world totally different from our own, I felt connected to it and completely intrigued by the characters, scenery, creatures and story.”The fantasy world that the author draws you into is described in such beautiful detail that it is both believable and compelling. The characters are well-developed and intriguing, and the story definitely picks up the pace as you move along. I will admit that the new creatures are very different from what is seen in other fantasy novels, but the author does a wonderful job of describing these creatures in such a way that your imagination easily fills in the picture.”Jason Link has a gift for not only creating a captivating new world, filled with creatures and cultural practices a reader has never thought of, but also maintaining a consistent and believable voice throughout the twists and turns of the story.”A created world such as this has room for tomes and tomes of adventures and histories for its readers.”Do you wish readers to have a similar reaction to theworld of your story?If so, join me in this course so I can show youhow to create a believable and compelling world that will enchant your readers-a world your readers will want to get lost in again and again. Check out the free previews to get a sample of what you’ll learnand thenenroll to get started world building today!