Young Amazon Driver Hailed a Hero for Rescuing Family From a Burning Home

​credit Amanda Johnson

An Amazon delivery driver is congratulated by a Long Island community for selflessly risking his life to help a family evacuate from their burning house.

Syosset Long Island firefighters arrived at the house 4 hours after they got the 9/11 call, but to their relief the family was standing outside by the curb.

Minutes before, Kevin Rivera was finishing his Amazon delivery route when he saw the flames consuming the front of the house, yet despite the front door being wide open, it was clear the family inside didn’t know what was going on.

“I just saw the fire just getting bigger and bigger,” Rivera said. “I just rushed in, because I didn’t want nobody to die in that house.”

An interesting situation arose when, rushing in, he realized that not only did the family of 6 which included a baby, not know their house was burning down, but a language barrier made communication impossible.

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Eventually he got the family to escape out of the back door. When the family finally saw the flames, they began to cry.

A neighbor who filmed the house told local news that everyone thanks Mr. Rivera an awful lot more than most Amazon delivery drivers would be accustomed to when he arrives with their packages.

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