YouTuber Alpha M Gets Roasted for Videos About Cheating on Wife

Being a YouTube star ain’t what it used to be. We’re no longer in the good old golden era, when anyone with a camcorder and a dream could rock up and assure their place in internet legend. Now things are a complicated game of who can be the most outrageous, and gaming the algorithm enough that semi-interested thirteen-year-olds will tap into your content. 

It has led creators to some crazy places in recent years. There have always been people out there who will do almost anything for the views, but this practice has only got more ridiculous and widespread. This has been pointed out on Twitter with the example of Alpha M, who has apparently made three separate videos about cheating on his wife. Unsurprisingly, people had some funny reactions to this bizarre predicament. It can’t be pleasant keeping a marriage together for the sake of profiting from social media.