Zany Memes to Zing Your Friends With

With all this generalized misery about, there is one thing that the world needs more of these days. It’s a simple solution, and almost anyone can do it. If we want to see a change, the fix is this: we need more people getting into a silly goofy mood. 

There are times when we do need to be serious, but realistically these are fewer than we think they are. We are doing everyone a favor when we let our hair down instead, because it encourages other people to do the same. 

Memes know this better than anything. The best ones are always trying to encourage that silliness that we too often forget. Life is dumb, and we’ve got to embrace that without becoming full-blown nihilists. Some memes might be downers, but at least they’re amusing ones. We can’t say the same for other sad and annoying things that we have to deal with.